Q. The application wants me to choose a Home University but I do not have one, what should I choose?

Please choose the option “None” from the list, which is in alphabetical order.

Q. My College isn’t listed in the drop down menu, what should I choose?

Please choose the option “Other” and type your College of study in the box below.

Q. I don’t know my exact arrival and departure dates when I am applying, what should I do?

No need to worry, we will be in contact with you before your arrival and departure to gather your confirmed details. Please leave your arrival and departure date as the default and this can be amended closer to the time.

Q. The form wants me to choose three room options, do I need to choose three?

No, you do not have to choose three. Please only choose a room type you are willing to accept if your other preferences are unavailable.

Q. If I want to share with a friend, how do we tell you?

In the Room Share section, please put the name of anyone you would like to share the room or apartment with. Please also ensure that your friend states your name on their form so we know they also want to share with you.  Please also ensure your friend chooses the same room type as you, e.g. shared room ensuite.

Q. Once I tell you my request, is this guaranteed?

No, unfortunately requests are not guaranteed but we will try our best to grant as many as possible. Most apartments sleep 4 residents in two bedrooms so we can only allocate friends in pairs or groups of 4s.

If there are three of you requesting to share together please try and find a fourth person. Some apartments sleep 3 students so for more details on other options please contact induction@ghr.ie.

Q. I have changed my mind about renting cutlery/crockery and bedlinen, what should I do?

This is no problem at all. Packs are available for rent on arrival so you can choose if you would like this option when you arrive.

Q. If I have a medical condition, should I put this on the application form?

Yes, please state any special requirements or medical conditions in the Additional Information section so we can assist you when you live with us.

Q. The application form states that the €300 is non-refundable, do I get this back?

The €300 is an application fee which turns into a refundable security deposit once you stay your full lease term with us. The €300 is non-refundable in cases of cancellations, except if we cannot offer you a room or if you are a CAO applicant cancellation within two days of the first round offers. In these two situations, we can refund the payment back to you.

Q. I click submit but the page refreshes, what should I do?

If you do not see a successful application message once you click Submit, it is likely you have not completed the application fully. Please scroll to the top of the page to see if there is any red writing directing you to complete a certain field. Please also ensure you click the terms and conditions box before you click Submit. Once you successfully complete the application you will see a new confirmation message which will also be emailed to you.

Q. I made a mistake on my application, how can I change this?

If you submitted an application and realise you have made a mistake, please email your changes to live@ghr.ie and we can amend your application for you.