Student Life @ GHR

Griffith Halls of Residence regularly team up with other parties on campus to run regular student events and activities. These are held on and off campus and are open to all Residents. Our student events are led by Residential Assistant Eoin Hurley, who is on-hand and available to any Resident who would like to get involved in events and activities around the campus.

Residents will see posters and material around campus promoting upcoming student events. We also communicate with residents via email and flyers to ensure that everyone’s aware when an event is planned.

Our RA’s Instagram is a great place to find news on upcoming events and view pics and videos from past student events.

We have a full calendar of student events planned for the 2019/20 academic year. As we move through the year we’ll be hosting seasonal student parties to mark major events like Hallowe’en, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. We’ll also be organizing intermittent student events throughout the year – pool tournaments, escape rooms and movie nights are among the events we have planned.

All Residents are welcome to participate in events on campus – whether organized by GHR, the Student Union or others.

We communicate with Residents regularly via email newsletters and updates; and via noticeboards posted around the residences and campus, letting them know what student events and activities are in the pipeline.

Refreshers Day

Refreshers Night

November Beer Pong

Beer Pong

October 2019 Pool Tournament

Pool tournament

Halowe’en Party 2019

Student Event Feedback

We always welcome student event and activity ideas from our Residents. If you would like to get in touch with us, please email our marketing executive at with your thoughts.

We also welcome resident feedback on past student events. We encourage our Residents to contact us at the same address as above, letting us know how events went.

Student Reach Out

We regularly communicate with students regarding events and activities, competitions and room upgrades in the Halls. Here are some samples of our mailings from last year –

September Update

October Update

Christmas @ Urban Square

GHR Christmas

Semester Two

February Update

March Update

Easter Update

Early May Update

Mid-May Update

June Update

June Update No. 2

Free Food Giveaway