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GHR Covid-19 Policies and Assurances

Griffith Halls of Residence is committed to maintaining superb levels of safety and sanitation on campus which exceed the requirements of Irish Government guidelines.

GHR keeps all residents up-to-date with regular correspondence, conveying the latest messaging from the HSE (Health Service Executive), WHO (World Health Organisation), DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs), NSAI (National Standards authority of Ireland), DES (Department of Education and Skills), and DTTS (Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport) during the Covid Pandemic.

Additional informational literature is distributed to apartments and on notice boards in both blocks. See some of our regular student updates for examples of our Covid-19 communications, March, Easter, May and June updates.

All signage is Government approved.

Updates on GCD’s Covid-19 activities and measures can be found here.

Booking Assurance

Book with Confidence 

In the event a learner/resident has to cancel their planned study to Ireland due to Covid-19, a full refund will be issued prior to the lease agreement commencing but may take 30 days to process same.  This would cover travel restrictions in Ireland or the leaners/resident home country due to Covid-19.  If the learner/resident or an immediate member of their family testing positive for Covid-19, close to the learner/resident’s travel date, a full refund would be extended with evidential proof of a positive test result.

In the extremely unlikely event a resident is required to self-isolate off campus, GHR aims to provide an allowance of weekly rate paid to the resident to support their off-site cost when re-joining the GHR community.  This would be applied to the residents in-house account and refunded less any deductions like key replacement with the security deposit at the end of the lease agreement period.

In the event that a learner/resident’s visa is refused or delayed a full refund will be issued providing appropriate evidence can be extended regarding the refusal / delay but may take 30 days to process same.

Covid-19 mask

GHR Check In and Self-Isolation Procedures

GHR requires all inbound residents to complete a health and safety questionnaire at check-in. This questionnaire is vital to protecting the security and integrity of our existing population and contributes to the peace of mind they enjoy on campus.

Once residents have checked-in they will be obligated to undergo a 14-day period of self-isolation on campus prior to their mixing with the existing residential and campus population.

For a comprehensive understanding of self-isolation please click here.

Before their self-isolation residents are provided with helpful information on local shopping, internet and utilities and our free GP, student union and residential assistant services.

We ask incoming residents to please ensure they have enough toiletries and if applicable, medicines for their two-week isolation period. We also ask that they bring 14 days worth of clean clothes.

A copy of the informational leaflet which new residents will be issued with can be downloaded here.

We guarantee arrivals on September 4 can self-isolate on campus at GHR. For residents with delayed visa approvals or flight challenges we will do our upmost to accommodate your arrival post September 4. We envisage an ability to accommodate many of those who experience challenges associated with arrival after September 4 however we will only be able to confirm our ability on the successful receipt of your check-in documentation.

GHR is a shared accommodation provider and therefore both self-isolation and general living on successful completion of check-in is within apartments comprised predominantly of three or four people. GHR will ensure to the best our ability allocation from a self-isolation perspective in such a way that the full apartment commences this isolation at the same time, where possible.

Post self-isolation residents wishing to continue exercising social distancing within apartments are deemed ‘a family unit’ by GHR and therefore timetabling regarding communal use areas within the apartment will be left to individual residents to establish.

All new residents may be subject to temperature check on arrival at GHR.

We ask that all incoming residents arrive at GHR in appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including mask and gloves.

If you are an existing resident and are concerned regarding the Covid-19 virus, or feel you may have developed symptoms please email us on both and

GHR Policies and Procedures

GHR Commitment to Hygiene and Cleanliness

GHR has taken the following measures to ensure the safety and security of our residents –

  • We clean our common areas – block stairwells, hallways, entrances and exits and laundry facilities – daily with disinfectants recommended to combat the virus.
  • All rooms are cleaned, sanitsed, sealed and then left ventilated for a minimum of 72 hours pending the arrival of new residents.
  • We have mounted hand sanitation stations at all entry and exit points to the Halls of Residence for regular use.
  • We have instituted a one-way system in hallways to limit the flow of foot traffic passing and interacting unnecessarily.
  • We have implemented a one-way system outside our accommodation office to prevent unnecessary and accidental congregation.
  • We regularly stock face masks in our on-site vending machines.
  • We actively promote other sources of safety equipment residents may ne interested in such as making their own mask, designer masks or masks form local retailers like Boots.

GHR Covid FAQs

To find out more about GHR’s commitment to health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, check out our Covid-19 FAQs here.

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