Q. What do I need to pay to secure a room?

Once you have applied online we will require a €300 Application Fee and then at least 55% of the total Academic Year Accommodation Fee to secure a room (subject to availability). If only applying for one semester we would require a €300 application fee plus the full Accommodation Fee.

Q. If I pay the rental fees and there is no availability, do I get a refund?

If we are unable to offer you a room then your full Application Fee and Accommodation Fees are refundable. You will have the option of being on a waiting list in case of any cancellations.

Q. I am a CAO applicant/ Via applicant and did not get offered a place in Dublin, can I get a refund?

The money you have paid is usually non-refundable if you cancel but we do have special cancellations policies for CAO and Visa applicants. If you tell us you cannot come to GHR due to your CAO offers within 48 hours days of the first round CAO offers, we can organise a full refund for you. If you cannot come to Dublin due to visa issues please contact live@ghr.ie immediately to get further information.

Q. Who will I be sharing with?

If you want to share with a friend(s), you can request this when applying and we will try to accommodate your request.  Please make sure you and your friend both choose the same type of room, e.g. shared room ensuite. However this cannot be guaranteed. Otherwise the allocation of rooms is on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. The Accommodation Manager’s objective, wherever possible, will be to match students by course of study (whether that be undergraduate or post-graduate), by age, by gender, by nationality.

Q. Will I be allocated an apartment with mixed gender?

Yes and No. There is a box on the Application Form you can tick if you want to share with your gender only. Therefore if you select No, you will not be allocated to a mixed gender apartment. However if you do not click the box, you might be allocated to a mixed gender apartment. The bedroom will always be female or male only.

Q. I have a medical condition and therefore require on campus accommodation. Do I get preferential treatment?

A number of rooms are specially designed for wheelchair users and these students do get a preference in the allocation of rooms. However, you must specify this when applying and we will require your Consultant/Specialist to confirm same in writing to us.

Q. I would like to bring my car to Griffith College. Are car parking facilities available?

Yes, there is on-campus car parking free of charge and all vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. For the safety and comfort of all our residents we operate a quiet time between 11:00pm to 07:00am each evening. This means vehicular access (e.g. cars, motorbikes and bicycles) is not permitted in or out of the campus during these times.

Q. Are there facilities for washing laundry?

Yes, subsidised self-service laundry facilities are located in the basement. Typically a wash is €3 per cycle and a dry is €1.50 per cycle (prices subject to change)

Q. Will I be allowed to have guests or friends stay over?

Guests/Visistors are more than welcome to visit until 10.30pm but, under the terms of the Lease Agreement, for the safety and security of all Residents, they are not allowed to stay past this time.

Q. What facilities are included in the price?

Electricity (average use), Broadband Internet, Communal Area Maintenance, Refuse/Bin Charges, 24 Hour Manned Security, Water Rates, Access to Fitness Room (limited spaces) and Library, Bike and Car Parking

Q. What cooking facilities are there?

Each kitchen has a 4 ring electric hob and combination microwave grill oven. We also provide a kettle and toaster as standard. The kitchen has a fridge and ice box to store your perishable foods.

Q. What furniture is in each bedroom?

Each student has access to the following per person: bed with under-bed storage, bedside locker, desk, chair, lamp, and two-door wardrobe.

Q. How many students share a bathroom?

Typically there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms in each apartment so each bathroom is usually shared between 2 students.

Q. What is NOT included in the price?

Food and Cleaning – The apartments are self-catering so we do not provide food or a cleaning service. Bed Linen and Cutlery & Crockery – Bed linen (duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, and sheet) and crockery & cutlery (1 large and small plate, bowl, glass, cup, knife, fork, and spoon) are not provided but can be rented for a small fee (see price list for more details). TV License – Students are responsible for providing a TV license per apartment wherever a TV is present, details on this can be found at www.anpost.ie/anpost/tvlicence250108.htm or in the local Post Office

Q. What if I change my mind or find alternative accommodation? Do I get my deposit back?

Once you have been offered a bed space, your deposit is non-refundable and you are also responsible for paying the Accommodation Fee for the entire duration of the Lease Agreement. If you leave your accommodation during the term of your Lease Agreement the Application and Accommodation Fees are non-refundable and you are liable for any outstanding Accommodation Fee.

Q. Can I smoke anywhere in the Halls of Residence?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Griffith Halls of Residence.

Q. Do the rooms have telephones and computer network points?

The rooms/apartments do not have telephones. *Free internet connectivity is available through Wi-Fi in the Halls of Residence. Details for connecting to the network will be provided on check-in. *Internet access is limited to internet browsing only. You will not be permitted to use file sharing programs or any other programs except browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari).

Q. Can I use the GHR internet to download movies and music?

Illegal downloading is not allowed through the GHR internet network. The system is limited to not allow file sharing or downloading so that the network is used solely for academic use and to allow students to use basic communication software for friends and family back home.

Q. Are the room contents insured?

Your property is not insured. You must take out your own insurance or extend your home insurance to include your possessions. You must also ensure against the first €5,000 of damages in respect of fire so that in the event that there is a fire caused by you and/or your Guest(s)/Visitor(s) you are liable for an excess of €5,000 of the resulting damages.

Q. What are the rules of the Residences?

Once you have been offered a room, you will be required to sign an Lease Agreement which details the terms and conditions of living in Halls of Residences. Offers are made subject to acceptance of these conditions. A copy of the Lease Agreement is available on this website. Please also ensure you have thoroughly read you Lease Agreement – in particular we draw your attention to the Third Schedule as this outlines the House Rules.

Q. I did not get my Visa to study in Ireland, what should I do?

If you are refused your visa through no fault of your own and send confirmation of this to GHR at least 2 weeks before the start of the Lease Agreement, you can be refunded all fees you paid to GHR. If you are refused your visa within 2 weeks of the start of the Lease Agreement, you will forfeit your Application Fee and your refund will depend on a suitable replacement being found.

Q. Can I swap rooms if I do not get on with my roommate?

No, GHR is not in a position to facilitate room swap requests during the accommodation term.

Residents should only occupy the space allocated to them by GHR and not change their allocation.

Q. Are there recycling facilities available?

Yes, we have recycling bins available. We also offer a dry mixed recycling bin to each apartment who wishes to recycle.

Q. Is there a shop on campus?

No, there is no shop on campus, however there is a restaurant on campus (Arthur’s) and there are vending machines in GHR. There is a SPAR shop across the road from the college.