Q. When can I move in?

Before arriving residents will be asked to provide us with an arrival date.

Residents can move in at any point from the beginning of our quoted semester date onward.

We may be able to book residents in earlier (capacity allowing), though its worth noting there may be an additional cost incurred.

All check-in docs (including check-in times) should be emailed to induction@ghr.ie with your check in time.

Q. What if I arrive in Dublin before this date, will I be allowed to go straight to my room?

As discussed in the prior question, you will need to provide us with your arrival date prior to check-in.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your check-in date please email induction@ghr.ie.

Q. What should I bring with me when I am moving in?

You need to bring your own bed linen, duvets and pillows. You also need to bring cutlery and crockery. We do supply a kettle, toaster, iron, ironing board and vacuum cleaner. Bed linen (duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillow cover, and sheet) and crockery & cutlery (1 large and small plate, bowl, glass, cup, knife, fork, and spoon) can be rented for the duration of your stay for a nominal amount (see price list for more details).

Q. Can I bring my own soft furnishings to the Halls of Residence?

Unfortunately, soft furnishings such as bean bags and floor cushions are a potential fire risk and are therefore not allowed. All furniture supplied in the Halls of Residence is fire rated.

Q. Is there anything else I should bring along?

Bring a positive attitude and a flexible, adaptable outlook. You will be living with other students who may not share your particular beliefs, views or habits. Respecting others will be part and parcel of your academic career. When you come to check in at the start of your stay please ensure you bring your Guarantee From completed by a Parent or Guardian.

Q. What is not allowed at GHR?

We do not allow pets.

Potentially incendiary items such as deep fat fryers and candles are strictly prohibited.