2 Bedroom Apartment (Two Twin Rooms, Sleeping four students)


This is our most common type of apartment – two twin bedrooms and a self contained kitchen and living room area. One room has its own ensuite, the other room has access to the bathroom in the hallway of the apartment. You must choose which bedroom you prefer when you apply.

You can choose up to three bedroom types on our booking form – a second or third choice in the event we’re sold out of your preferred type.

We do our best to honour all share requests – if you have a friend you would like to room with during your stay, we will try to accommodate your request.

Before you arrive at Griffith Halls of Residence you will be asked what type of person you are – whether you’re an early bird or night owl; quiet or loud etc. We try our best to match you with people who complement your personality type.

If you have any questions about our rooms or our service, please do not hesitiate to get in touch through our site booking form (top right-hand corner). We look forward to hearing from you.