International residents make up a majority of the population here at Griffith Halls of Residence. We like to get to know our residents, understand why they chose Griffith, what they enjoy and what makes their experience with us pleasurable.

We look forward to welcoming more wonderful international residents from Europe and beyond next year.

Here you can read some stories from residents who have kindly offered to share their experiences with us. We hope their experiences will help you make the decision to stay with us here at GHR.

Alpona - India
India flag

Alpona – India

I have met people from many different cultures here at Griffith. Two of my roommates are French. I’d have to say that that the French culture has a strong appeal to me – In addition to studying Business here at Griffith I am learning French on the side, something I’ve continued from back in Mumbai. I’ve definitely stepped up my French studies. I’m hoping to visit Paris before Christmas.

I’ve developed an interest in Irish culture since I came here. I considered studying in London too, but Ireland appeared more visa friendly. I quite like Dublin. It’s very different to Mumbai – it’s not as busy. Mumbai is a bustling, active environment where busy people are constantly coming or going. There are very few places with that atmosphere in Dublin – maybe Henry Street, but event that is a different world entirely. The pace here is a lot more relaxed.

I’ve enjoyed exploring in Ireland. I was in Limerick recently, and I’m planning trips to Cork and elsewhere soon too. Ireland’s so small it’s really easy to get around – everything is so close together.

Daniela - Canada

Daniela – Canada

I originally came to Dublin earlier this year and liked it. I really enjoyed the culture and pace of life here. It’s a very different approach to life in Alberta- where I’m from, which appealed to me – I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

When I was here first time around I loved St. Stephen’s Green, particularly the atmosphere at night – it’s magical. I really enjoyed travelling the country, and even had an opportunity to stay in a castle.

I never really considered the United States as it’s very close to home, and I think London is too big. I have family in Spain but I thought this would be too close to my comfort zone too.

I’ve met a lot of international students here – mainly through meet-ups, in coffee shops and bars. It’s quite a diverse environment at Griffith, with lots of different cultures mixing.

The residence is very convenient for college – I’m studying at Griffith College so my commute is non-existent.

A lot of people laugh when I say I like the weather here in Ireland, but it’s better than Alberta – temperatures in winter can drop well below freezing during winter in Canada.