When living in GHR, you will be required to follow simple rules to ensure your stay, and the stay or your fellow Residents, is as safe and comfortable as possible. Please familiarise yourself with the documents below which you will be bound by as a Resident of our community. If you have any questions on any of the below don’t be afraid to ask us by contacting live@ghr.ie or +353 1 4163320.

Terms and Conditions for Applying

Guarantee Form – To be completed by a Parent or Guardian and sent by email prior to arrival, PLEASE NOTE check-in access to GHR will not be possible unless this has been received

Example Lease Agreement – Subject to change

House Rules – Welcome Letter

House Rules – Disciplinary Procedure

House Rules – Resident Code of Conduct

House Rules  – Understanding of rights form

House Rules –  Appeal Form 1

House Rules  – Appeal Form 2