Environmental Policy @ GHR

Environmental policy at GHR

Griffith Halls of Residence is committed to maintaining an environmentally friendly presence on campus and setting and achieving new sustainability goals.

The Accommodation staff have implemented a number of policies and initiatives in the Halls that we hope will leave as little footprint as possible.

GHR Environment
  • Our Residence takes recycling very seriously, especially when it comes to non-traditional recyclables like batteries and light bulbs. Battery acid is corrosive and can burn on contact with human skin. Improperly dumping of batteries can lead to contamination in water and soil.
  • Block 1 residents may notice a large herb garden growing next to their block. This garden contains ample amounts of rosemary and thyme.
  • Griffith Halls of Residence accommodation office has committed to paperless operation by 2025. We have already taken measures to achieve this. In Summer 2019 we provided digital-only check-in and community values documentation to residents this academic year, and moreover removed all paper filing from our office. Our office staff have also elected to communicate with residents primarily via email this year and going forward.
  •  GHR aim to reduce water usage by introducing aerators in apartments and reducing the amount of water used per toilet flush.
  • We have installed energy efficient LED lighting in the underground car park and our fourth-floor corridors.
  • 80% of our room lighting is are LED and we intend to convert the remainder before summer 2020.
  • 60% of our in-house appliances are already energy efficient and we intend to increase this percentage in the coming years. This includes a commitment to upgrading all apartment heating equipment by 2025.


Recycling symbol

It’s important that we recognize much of the waste we throw into our general refuse is recycling can be re-used.

With that in mind, in November we provided each apartment with their own recycling bin to ensure that all waste that can be re-used, is recycled.

Three ways to limit household waste

Ten ways to live sustainably

Common recyclable items

Green bin

The above bins, located in all apartments, can be used to recycle the following –

  • cardboard i.e. delivery packaging, cereal boxes, milk and juice cartoons etc.;
  • paper i.e. magazine, newspapers, pamphlets, envelopes and books;
  • metal food tins and drink cans;
  • plastic bottles.

Reducing Waste

Black bin

Griffith Halls of Residence operate a minimum waste policy.

We operate a single bin station, located to the side of Block 2B.

We plan to merge our waste management effort with Griffith College Dublin, which will lead to more recycling space (up from three 660 litre mixed recycling bins to five).

We intend to reduce the number of general waste bins overall – currently five 1100 litre bins.

We also have one 660 litre bin dedicated to glass recycling (green bin).

We believe the merge with GCD will lead to less bins overall and less collections, meaning less waste to landfill, and more returning to the market as recycled products.